Byte after bite... a Draculapp Timeline

  • 2017 DUBAI, UAE
    More Digital Projects comes up like MyQandC e-Commerce Portal and Monviso Store. Draculapp took the Dubai Mainland opening Dracteam Technology LLC
  • 2016 DUBAI, UAE
    It’s the Web Integration Era. DraculApp experience another re-design and re-structure to lean processes and serve clients faster and better. The business run in the Middle-East
  • 2016 DUBAI, UAE
    Joint venture with integration services and scalable projects. DraculApp partners up with Kollektika and The Onlooker, for an all-around service panorama
  • 2015 DUBAI, UAE
    Project “Searound” is set and starts the development, an app for the services around the piers and marinas for every sailor
  • 2014 TURIN, IT
    Joint venture with IAAD - Italian University of Design
  • 2014 ITALY
    Partnership with Accenture and Italia 360. Sponsorship with “Romaeuropa”
  • 2014 UAE
    Membership with the association “Italiani negli Emirati”
  • 2014 DUBAI, UAE
    DraculApp explores the Middle East and open the first branch outside Europe
  • 2013 ITALY
    The Project “Commedie Teatrali Italiane” is launched
  • 2013 ROME, ITALY
    DraculApp hold a seminar at the Pontifical University
  • 2013 DOHA, QATAR
    Finalist in the “Arab Mobile Challenge”, DraculApp partners up with “Special Direction KSA”
  • 2013 ITALY
    “Blood Up” is published, DraculApp try to get the blood for himself, but its good heart lead to a tour with Fidas along Italian coast.
  • 2012 MILANO, IT
    DraculApp fly to the Forum HR at the “Borsa di Milano”
  • 2012 ITALY
    Recognition from Italia 360 Accenture Prospera for the project “Blood Up” realised by Oscar Badoino, an app to organise blood donation country-wide.
  • 2011 ITALY - UK
    Project “Memolingue” starts, an App to learn English, Italian and Chinese
  • 2011 MILANO, IT
    DraculApp decides to cross the English Channel: London HQ opens up the panorama
  • 2011 ITALY
    DraculApp go to the finals in the “App Circus” Italian edition contest
  • 2009 ROME, IT
    “Delirium Edition” is founded, the digital editorial started to bring the first experimentation with ebooks and digital print in Italy
  • 2009 ROME, IT
    Training division for newly-recruited web developer starts. A whole new word is opening in front of our eyes
  • 2008 ROME, IT
    DraculApp was born. Lucky toothbrushing giggles Claudia’s mind to bring to light our favorite Web-bat.
    We still didn’t know what it was but it was sure nice and powerful