What is DraculApp?


DraculApp is an affirmed trademark and much more than a company: it is a real and complete ecosystem of integrated services divided in modules. DraculApp is synonym for Web Integrator. Our decennial experience allows us to have a global vision on digitalization process for single ideas or entire business. Our today’s core skills were born from a mix of informatics system’s architecture and development, complex-language’s programming, web design and marketing consultancy. Our flagship service is definitely mobile application development: apps are without any doubt the best instrument of marketing and communication, nowadays largely utilized by companies as well as prosumers and with the best user interface for mobile platforms.

Along with our pure technical services there is a connected world, the social media strategy, which is considered by us as part of this complex ecosystem, since it is the real launch pad for brands and web services.

DraculApp is synonym for Web Integrator, a real and complete ecosystem of integrated services divided in modules. 

We truly believe that business should be fun and original. We love to byte and we think out of the standards, in order to experiment and give freshness to our products by adding digital value. 
Our priority is providing easy and modern solution for our clients allowing them to save cost on marketing, advertising, operations and internal procedure. Our goal is to simplify communication and power up communication, implementing new or existing channels with the use of technology together with creative thinking.