Dubai font: #expressYourself!

dubai font

In this article, DraculApp will talk about fonts, typefaces and the importance they have in your
communication strategy.
So you will understand why DraculApp is so accurate and careful in the choice of the design and
thus better understand our advices ... :D 

“Its Louder than words this thing that we do. ... Its louder than words – the sum of our parts” sings the Pink Floyd's frontman David Gilmour, and this is the first sentence which came to my mind when I learned about the Dubai Font.

The Prince of Dubai, His Royal Highness Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aka Fazza has inaugurated together with Microsoft, the first personal font of Dubai, stating: “The launch of the Dubai Font to the world is a very important step for us as part of our continuous efforts to be ranked first in the digital world.”
And talking about records, Dubai is now the first city to have its own font.

Designed by Dr. Nadine Chahine, its goal is to bridge the gap existing between Latin and Arabic texts and includes elegant typefaces combining the two scripts.
Available for free to all users of Office 365 and in 23 languages, with three styles: “Dubai”, “Dubai Medium” and “Dubai Light”, it will also be available in more than 180 countries.
The font has even its own website - www.dubaifont.com where you can download it for free.

But then ... why create our own font?

The font we choose speaks a lot about our identity and can even get to define the type of message we want to send, or to determine the personality of our brand, building our credibility behind our words.
That's why (hopefully) you will never see a business that wants to show authority, use a font like Comic Sans, for its ads!
So this is not just a matter of font type readability, or of responsiveness, but also the tone of our communication and overall consistency.
Do we want something decorative? Then we will use a serif font. 
We are aiming at a "cleaner and easy-to- read" communication? Then our choice will be a sans serif. 
Do we try to make a specific term more visible? We shall use the bold or italic type font.
That’s a sum of many little things, which as a result will give us an unconscious feedback from the user.
It is something that we do not realize immediately, but the choice of a font helps the user experience even before it starts visiting our website or reading our brochure.
Even before what we say, the way we say it is important, and in this case, how we present it.
“The openness and harmony of the people in the UAE, the essence of Dubai and its vision to become the quintessential modern Arab city were our source of inspiration to design the Dubai Font”, Dr. Nadine Chahine says, “The challenge wasn’t to create a quality font but to create a new and a special medium of expression to unleash ambitions and transcend borders.”
The Dubai Font, then, was created to help people around the world express themselves and share their point of view, thus, that’s an important step for the UAE and its communication with the rest of the globe.