An interesting post-event lecture

Claudia Marino e Carol Roth

Back in December we hosted a corporate event for a client, where Carol Roth explained which steps a company need to take to use modern technology tools to save significant cost on internal operations. The experience has been amazing and the speech of the entrepreneur were inspiring also for us. We could recognise ourselves in the best-practice mentioned during the talks for everything regarding the use of digital services and social media tools.

Some weeks ago, we found a very interesting piece wrote by Carol on Entrepreneur ME about what does it take to be a good entrepreneur and how to reach success: set your goal, make a plan, find something to continue to work, all this will help you reaching your targets slavishly.

Set your goal, make a plan, something to continue to work, helps you reaching your target slavishly.

Take a high pay, because further having excellent skills - in which you are confident - you know you are going to give the best work quality on the market. Nevertheless, even if you might be the best, keep improve your capabilities, and yourself updated on trends, just in case a more skilled competitor can peek around the corner.
Promote your actions , do not let your hard work being unnoticed, in order to let the costumer - who is looking for your experience - be able to find you.
And if you have debt, relentlessly pay them down, otherwise they are going to make your life hard.
So, when you came from a reality when money were always an issue, and you have $40,000 of college debt you become determined in find a financial solution. Now, this is what Carol Roth says about becoming a millionaire... Have a good reading:

 Carol Roth: How I Went From $40,000 in Debt to a Millionaire by Age 30