Top Ten Tools [no.1]

Here is some really useful Apps (with some evergreen) that can make your life easier in a tap:


Smart Salik – Everything you need to know if you possess a car

salik app

Launched in July 2007, Salik app is a free flow tolling system that operates without barriers or gates, allowing traffic to move freely through tolling points at highway speeds. With Salik tag - which is attached to the vehicle - using the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology it identify the vehicle as it passes through a Salik tolling point.


Dubizzle – Online souq for cars, apartments and second hand resell


You can buy and sell easily with your phone with the Dubizzle app! Classified as the number one website app to buy or find anything you need in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait.

Makani – Check where are the entrance of the buildings, private or public


Makani provides the official geographic addressing system in the Emirate of Dubai. With the "Makani Number" system of this amazing app, Dubai locate the building’s entrance: it consists of 10 digits only without names or explaining the location’s direction.

Wojhati – Commute in Dubai through the local public transportation


The Wojhati App is the RTA’s journey planning app. Includes  real-time map GPS-based and provides  necessary information to plan a route using metro, buses and marine transport.
Getting around Dubai in an efficient and seamless way!

Google Maps – Yet the best way to get directions

google maps

The Google Maps app  makes navigating your world faster and easier. You can find the best spots in town, and retrieve information you need to get there. With maps in 220 countries and territories, detailed information on more than 100 million places, Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, museums, and more, is the best app for navigation.


Careem – Pickup taxi service, pay by credit card (alternatives: Smart Taxi, Dubai Taxi, Uber)


Tired of waiting for a taxi? With Careem app you can book your comfortable and hassle-free ride in the Middle East in seconds.
You just need to choose the car type that suits your needs then which class cars and you will be automatically locate with GPS. 

Reel Cinemas – Movie schedule in your pocket (see also: Vox Cinemas)

reel cinemas

Book, view and share your favorite movies at Reel Cinemas with Reel Cinemas app.
Purchase your tickets from your phone, check out the latest and coming soon movies in The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall and The Beach! 

Be sure to check out also Vox Cinemas for the same services in other locations.

Bayt.com – Jobs offers collector


With over 18 million of users, Bayt.com help you to find a job and to improve your career. 
On the app you can apply at thousand of jobs located in the Middle East for free, directly from your smartphone.


Arabic By Nemo – Start learning arabic from the main phrases

arabic nemo

With Arabic by Nemo App, your device will turn in your Arabic teacher!  You can master your accent with the Speech Studio, record yourself and hear you after the teacher.
And your foreign accent melts away in less than no time!

SkyPicker – Search low cost flight, for people that have time and patience


Skypicker app will compare millions of flights and routes to give you the cheapest tickets choice available. Travel for low costs and discover the beauty of the world. Book your flight with ease, directly in the app.



One of our big project in Dubai is related to the community services. A huge success case for a replicable and scalable experience.

Dubaitaly App – Deals collector with news, discounts and job offers


This app has two main goals: propose a new instrument to discover the Italian reality of Dubai, offering full support for those want to promote their business, with a series of “digital coupons” that will give opportunity to receive discounts for Italian products and services. Through the app, you can also get the news, events held in Dubai, job offers from Dubaitaly Magazine.