Dubai and the technology market


Dubai is strategic. You can get access to the whole middle and far east technology market, but it won’t be enough to be here to make business. You are looking to a growing and fast-pacing place, so you need to know the battlefield and prepare every move carefully. The city is alive, it almost does not sleep and has a high-level of activity. Just like us.
In the IT  services, Dubai is invaded by a lot of companies facing a transaction phase: they are trying to cut on costs without renovating their structure. This attitude sinks the quality of the services provided. We feel this as an advantage, considering that we compete with a true high end solution at affordable prices.

for companies and societies opening here

All that glitters ain’t gold. We are in a desert and water is much more important. Dubai can offer visibility and opportunities, but be careful to the high entrance-barrier that are present in many industries. Don’t be shy to get consultancy and invest in market’s study. The best advise we can give: forget where you come from. Aside of the natural legislative’s differences, you will have to compete with lots of Indian companies and a very different political and social structure. Just remember the strength of the Made in Italy and be ready to go for the win, not just to play the game.