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Are you ready to be bitten by mobile technology?
Are you ready to update your Company to the next level? Are you are ready to spread your identity on the Web through Social Media and Mobile Apps? if You feel ready to do so… then you’re ready to enter in the “House of DraculApp”.

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DraculApp, technology and talent together make a successful Digital Integrator. Draculapp is a digital creative company created around one question: can technology be creative? Our answer is: YES! And we went further: technology is Art, technology is Communication! DraculApp is the creative artist who has a deep knowledge on materials and techniques and mixes them with high skill to create a technological masterpiece!


Mission 🚀

DraculApp has a mission: enable companies to express all their potential through technology by integrating communication strategies, web design and software programming. All this is only possible thanks to the great technical expertise of our staff both in terms of programming and from the standpoint of creative visual communication. Every business, like every person, has distinctive features and personality.


Why Dracula?

Who is Dracula? A romantic character, tough, strong and highly controversial. And when you think about it, when he bites, he forces you to change”. Claudia Marino, an Italian from Turin, is the Marketing Director of the Draculapp Company, and Francis Ford Coppola’s film, dedicated to the most famous vampire of history, is one of her favourite films. Together with Edoardo Valente, the Digital Architect of the company, she founded it in 2008, a “red” entity, from an exquisitely biological viewpoint. Their logo, which is now flying through many websites and Apps, is a Smartphone with bat wings. “I certainly cannot deny Dracula’s ferocity – Edoardo explains – but I also wanted him to be the symbol of this company, because he is a non-conformist, non-conventional character, a man with his own passions who stroke the imagination and fantasies through entire generations; nobody can deny his huge magnetic and communication powers.”

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Perfection is like the horizon. The more you look, the more it goes away... 👣


Byte after bite... a Draculapp Timeline

  • 2017 DUBAI, UAE
    New Achivements is coming...
  • 2016 DUBAI, UAE
    It’s the Web Integration Era. DraculApp experience another re-design and re-structure to lean processes and serve clients faster and better. The business run in the Middle-East
  • 2016 DUBAI, UAE
    Joint venture with integration services and scalable projects. DraculApp partners up with Kollektika and The Onlooker, for an all-around service panorama
  • 2015 DUBAI, UAE
    Project “Searound” is set and starts the development, an app for the services around the piers and marinas for every sailor
  • 2014 TURIN, IT
    Joint venture with IAAD - Italian University of Design
  • 2014 ITALY
    Sponsorship with “Romaeuropa”
  • 2014 UAE
    Membership with the association “Italiani negli Emirati”
  • 2014 DUBAI, UAE
    DraculApp explores the Middle East and open the first branch outside Europe
  • 2013 ITALY
    The Project “Commedie Teatrali Italiane” is launched
  • 2013 ROME, ITALY
    DraculApp hold a seminar at the Pontifical University
  • 2013 DOHA, QATAR
    Finalist in the “Arab Mobile Challenge”, DraculApp partners up with “Special Direction KSA”
  • 2013 ITALY
    “Blood Up” is published, DraculApp try to get the blood for himself, but its good heart lead to a tour with Fidas along Italian coast.
  • 2012 MILANO, IT
    DraculApp fly to the Forum HR at the “Borsa di Milano”
  • 2012 ITALY
    Recognition from Italia 360 Accenture Prospera for the project “Blood Up” realised by Oscar Badoino, an app to organise blood donation country-wide.
  • 2011 ITALY - UK
    Project “Memolingue” starts, an App to learn English, Italian and Chinese
  • 2011 MILANO, IT
    DraculApp decides to cross the English Channel: London HQ opens up the panorama
  • 2011 ITALY
    DraculApp go to the finals in the “App Circus” Italian edition contest
  • 2009 ROME, IT
    “Delirium Edition” is founded, the digital editorial started to bring the first experimentation with ebooks and digital print in Italy
  • 2009 ROME, IT
    Training division for newly-recruited web developer starts. A whole new word is opening in front of our eyes
  • 2008 ROME, IT
    DraculApp was born. Lucky toothbrushing giggles Claudia’s mind to bring to light our favorite Web-bat.
    We still didn’t know what it was but it was sure nice and powerful

Let's move from Talk to Action! 💪

After spending a lot of time on market analysis, we created products to give a real boost to your business. We focused on Entertainment, Education, Gaming, Travel, Publishing and e-Commerce. Also we created useful Tools for Companies and Private Users. We transform your idea in digital and tech products. See the following table for more details...


Our Success = Teamwork 🙌

It's not all about us. People working with us, stay with us. 

The recent join-venutre with Kollektika, demonstrate how art and digital can unite in one strong concept. Feel and design has a fresh start and take your brand to the next level.

Planning an event? 🎉 Our all-inclusive mobile solution, in collaboration with The Onlooker, is what you are looking for. See how it works! (coming soon 🔜)

Guerrilla Marketing? We know what you are talking about. Do you know how Blood and Beer can get together for a successful marketing campaign? 🍻